Garden inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and times.

Garden ideas / inspiration come from deeper places other than your local garden center.
As a matter of fact, the garden center is probably one of the last places to go for inspiration.

There are countless sources that you unconsciously overlook everyday that probably have a greater influence on your gardening decisions.

Think big…really big, big as the sky itself. Large lazy long white pulled cotton clouds slide across rising thermals in an azure sky. While below, the horizon shifts its mixed shades of green against the wind like a bed sheet drying on the line.

Curving shore lines in a fallen, twisted, bleached tree stump. Through the trees low growing, slowly rolling shades of green flora mimic flowing bodies of water flooding the area with flowers and fronds.
A tumble of large boulders along a river bank suggests rising mountains and deep caverns against a flat blue grey sky.
Fog on ice distorts reality. Landscape becomes unfamiliar to us as the winter wind sculpts its own image in the snow.

A life time of these experiences are bound together in our hearts, minds and memories where they are synthesized into a raw beauty that has depth, emotion and color. When we drop our life’s filters and access these moments and install them in our garden as feeling, flow and form then we truly have made a grand connection and have become a part of the synthesized beauty.