Our goal here at Noble Garden Design is to bring your outdoor dreams and projects to fruition. We want to create an outdoor extension of you, a reflection of you and your lifestyle. We are only limited by your
goals and your budget. You provide the dream. We provide ideas and the know-how. And we bring it to life.



The initial visit & design

It’s the middle of winter. It’s quiet now. This time of year, I think back on my past season. Recently I
have been thinking of this past September.
The weather was early autumn perfect. The clients were young savvy professionals. No pets or children.
Their lifestyle reflected a modern life. They thought they wanted a small deck for barbecuing and maybe
a modest patio for socializing and for just hanging out. Like many of my clients, they had no real idea of
what the possibilities could be.
On my initial visit my clients and I walked the entire property and discussed the possibilities. I noted that
the back of the house faced north. There would always be minimal sunshine. I also noted that the
backyard did have sunshine just a bit further out from the back wall of the house. I pointed out the sun
issues to them and suggested that we reduce the deck idea to more of a porch. The porch would be
large enough for a propane BBQ and a couple of chairs. It would be a simple rectangle. However, there
would be 4 steps down to the ground and they would be set at a 30-degree angle. Initially, off the
bottom step I designed a large square patio using porcelain (2’ x2’) pavers. I turned the large patio
square 30-degrees to match the porch steps. I followed up with designing a series of 4’ by 4’ and 7’ by 7’
irregular flagstone pads randomly placed to one side of the patio. Off the natural irregular stone side of
the patio, I introduced a large garden area that creates interest and privacy.

The transformation

The garden area now sweeps across the rear of the yard and is anchored by flowering Kwan son cherry trees and Japanese holly. Plantings inside the sweep are spring and summer blooming woody shrubs and perennials. As a finishing touch I added outdoor low voltage lighting that highlights the tall line of the trees.
The clients loved the design and moved forward with the installation. I love my job and really appreciate clients like these. I appreciate the trust they put in us at the moment of designing their space and at the moment of the installation. It’s very rewarding and fulfilling to know that they trust you to make changes in the field, adjust the design and that they know in the end they will end up with a space that is beautiful and functional.

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