How is landscape development beneficial?

Landscape development can have many benefits for the environment, the economy, and the society, such as:
 Improving the quality of air, water, and soil.
 Increasing the property value and curb appeal
 Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
 Promoting the health and well-being of the people.



What is landscape development?

Landscape development is the process of designing, constructing, and maintaining the outdoor
environment of a site/yard. It involves various aspects such as:
 Landscape design: the art of planning and creating quality and aesthetically pleasing functional outdoor spaces.
 Landscape construction: the installation of the landscape design, including property clearing,
drainage, irrigation, hydroseeding, hardscape, planting, lighting, and outdoor structures like gazebos,
firepits, fireplaces, and swimming pools.
 Landscape ecology: balancing the relationships between the landscape and plants, animals, and
 Landscape restoration: restoring degraded or damaged landscapes to their original or new condition,
for example, reforestation, erosion control, and habitat creation.

The Location

Landscape development is a multidisciplinary and collaborative field that often requires the skills and knowledge of various professionals, such as architects, designers, landscape contractors, landscape managers, landscape ecologists, landscape engineers, and landscape planners.
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