South Shore, MA Garden Design

Imagine your ideal outdoor space and start living it…

What We Do

Landscape Design & Management

Educated, experienced and excited about what we do.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Transform your outdoor living space for entertainment.

Custom Patios & Walkways

Landscaping excellence, creative solutions, quality craftsmanship.

Bed Layout & Design

Shrub and tree size, color, and placement are crucial factors to make your landscape look just right.

Seating & Retaining Walls

We design and install all sizes of retaining walls to add interest to your landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens

Looking for some creative outdoor kitchen ideas, entertain your guests and bring your kitchen outdoors.

Decorative Lighting

Enhance the artistic finishes of your outdoor space with the proper lighting,  creating the perfect ambiance.

Custom Patio Design

We turn your patio ideas into an artistic endeavor constructed from local materials like brick or granite or sourced materials from around the world.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy cool evenings in front of an open flame and create a warm, inviting ambiance with an outdoor fireplace.

How It Works

How it works at the initial complimentary site meeting, we’ll stroll through your property, engaging in detailed discussions about its current or prospective use, your vision, priorities, as well as our design and management fees. Together, we’ll craft a project budget and timeline tailored to your needs.

Our garden design packages in South Shore encompass a broad spectrum of options. For instance, a straightforward front foundation planting may range from approximately $300.00 to $500.00. Should you opt to incorporate additional features such as walkways, retaining walls, fencing, and lighting, the price naturally adjusts accordingly.

Most of our design packages’ pricing falls into the range of $500.00 to $1,200.00

Once contracted to move forward with the design will do a thorough site analysis.

The concept design phase serves as the blueprint for your project, setting the vision and tone. Drawing upon insights gathered during our initial discussions, along with meticulous studio sketches and site photo evaluations, we develop an initial concept plan. This plan employs diverse drawing types to vividly convey the design intent, providing you with a tangible glimpse into the future appearance and ambiance of your space. (See Example).

Once the ideas(s) are agreed upon we proceed with the full design project. Typically completed within 7 to 10 days, this phase culminates in the delivery of two professional CAD drawings. These drawings, meticulously crafted to scale, feature detailed construction notes, comprehensive labeling, and vibrant color photographs showcasing the materials and plantings envisioned for your South Shore, MA landscaping project.

Our South Shore, MA Services

Retaining Walls

Between $6,000 to $10,000

Patios & Walkways

Between $6,000 to $18,000

Fronts Entrances & Curb Appeal

Beween $5,000 to $7,000

Gas Fireplaces & Outdoor Kitchens

Between $20,000 to $25,000

Gas & Wood Fire Pits

Between $6,000 to $8,000

Seating Walls & Benches

Beween $4,000 to $7,000

Plantings & Gardens

Between $6,000 to $10,000

Small City Gardens

Between $7,000 to $11,000

Site Analysis Involves:

  • Photographing the project areas.

  • Measuring the project areas.

  • Checking grades.

  • Evaluating and listing existing trees, shrubs and flowers as well as structures like sheds, fences and swimming pools.

Call For a Quote:

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Patios & Walkways

Gas & Wood Firepits

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces


Below you’ll find our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!
What we don't do?
We do not provide maintenance, no spring and fall cleanups, no mowing, no grass seeding, no fertilizer applications, no repairs to patio or steps that are in a bad state.
What do we do?

We design and install your outdoor project from start to finish.

Are we licensed and insured?

Yes, we are.

Do you have a minimum?

We do not have a minimum for designing your project. But most of our design fees fall in the range of $500-$1200.

Our minimum for installation is $10,000.


Custom Design & Installation

Let us be your best installation experience. No matter the size of the project, we will coordinate everything and strive for perfection.

Landscape Management

We have developed a proactive approach with well-crafted plans to suit your property needs, not to mention your budget.

Award Winning Expertise

With years of award-winning service and an unparalleled team of professionals, we will turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

A well-designed garden will raise your spirits.

My personal mission is to create outdoor spaces that make my South Shore, MA clientele feel more relaxed when they move through the designed space.

With 30 years of experience in landscape design and installation, Noble Garden Design can help you achieve the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.  Over the years I have done so many landscape projects that I’m sure my DNA has changed.

Whether you are craving an urban oasis where you can relax at the end of a long day of work or want a space to entertain and wow your

guests with convenience and beauty; I got you covered. My goal for each project is to make them unique and tailored. In order to do this, I draw from my internal database of stylish gardens. I glean the best from previous garden projects and the best from previous clients and synthesize them with new products and techniques to create something new out of the project in front of me. I know my craft.

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About John Noble

Creating a great garden experience for our clients is our primary concern. We design gardens and landscape construction with you in mind.

Designs are built around how you will experience and use the space. We are concerned not just with how a landscape looks and what is planted but how you feel and experience the space.

​Our technical landscape expertise is up-to-date. In addition to drawing the pretty plans for beautiful outdoor spaces, we also figure out details for drainage, lighting, water features, materials, finishes and layout dimensions.


We are knowledgeable as to how specific materials work together, what the best practices are, what the most up-to-date techniques and materials are. We stay current on proven techniques through continuing education. We also look for new and interesting materials to assist in making every living outdoor area an experience.

We have many ways of approaching a design.

Our work covers a wide range of styles, expertise and materials. From artsy to technical, from modern to classical and flamboyant to reserved we always give it our best.

We’ve Been Building For Over 30 years

First impressions matter more than you think. Improving your home’s curb appeal can help you be in good standard with your neighbors, bring property values up and be the happening house for family and friend’s events. From simple changes such as foundation plantings to redoing your driveway, walkway and entrance, we can transform the front of your home and give you something your neighbors will gaze at.

“John was wonderful to work with. He was always accessible and ready with ingenious designs, keeping our budget in mind. He designed and installed a complete front, side and backyard landscape that will significantly increase the value of the property. I highly recommend him.”
Thom M. – Home Advisor Review
“John did an excellent job on our back yard redesign. We have a small JP garden which was overgrown and unpleasant to look at. He created an excellent design which blends a formal lawn area with less formal plantings. Design process was simple, the team he worked with were fast and cleaned up the site extremely well afterwards.”
Adam H. – Houzz Review

About The South Shore of Massachussets

Located south and east of Boston along Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay, the South Shore of Massachusetts stretches south and east. Among the communities in the South Shore region are Scituate, Handover, Marshfield, Pembroke, Duxbury, Kingston, Cohasset, Norwell, and Plymouth. 

South Shore’s bedroom communities are rich in history as many were founded in the early 17th century. Beaches and seaside are close by, with cultural attractions nearby as well. Residents enjoy the close proximity to the beaches and seaside. Due to its rich history and recognition as the hometown of several American presidents, South Shore, Massachusetts, is often called “The Land of Pilgrims and Presidents”.

Between Quincy and the Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts’ South Shore stretches along the coastline. Both Norfolk and Plymouth counties are included in this region. Coastal South Shore features beautiful beaches, deepwater harbors, and estuaries that are permanently protected.

A little over 541,364 people live in the South Shore region on the eastern coast of the United States. Despite its small-town charm, these communities are close-knit and close-knit.

The natural beauty of the South Shore region can be enjoyed by locals, who can enjoy relaxing on the green grasses of immaculate parks, soaking up the sun, or sailing with various yacht clubs, some of which have been around for generations.